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Originally Posted by Ca12nag3 View Post
*final episode blade takes off his choker and puts it arounds ANn's neck* myth busted

We realy dont know if its a actual part of his body, if it can or cannot come of or let alone would kill him.
Maybe we'll learn about his choker during this surgery. After all, Eve's choker has also been a discussed topic, as well.

Hopefully the end of this memory world arc will fill in some information from this point to the present. Hopefully we learn why Blade left Gido and Eve and joined up with Seto in the guild. Maybe we'll learn what Blade and Eve were doing in Chapter 1 when Blade met up with Cruz and Eve was out on her motorcycle (which we never see again).

Also, I'm looking forward to next chapter (~8-9 days now) since we may see more of Cruz's flashback and see Aruka again! It's been so long since we've seen a real girl.
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