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Originally Posted by Deacon Blues View Post
Lest we forget the fact that they aren't even supposed to exist?
Well that is beside the point. IIRC nothing in universe stated that Mobile Suits wouldn't be built anymore. Instead Endless Waltz just made it seem like everyone just decided not to do so. Now I don't remember much of the earlier chapters of this but was a treaty made or something or some declaration? Even if Mobile Suits were illegal or something other universes didn't care for treaties and the like. Orb still made Freedom after the nuclear Treaty, Zaft made Destiny, Legend, Strike Freedom and I think Infinite Justice. The Zero System being able to view the past and everything shows us how far technology has advanced yet these grunts look like crap so far. I really hope that they are actually a challenge later on like in 00 season 1. Because if not these battles are just going to be pose offs again.
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