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Originally Posted by Talisman View Post
I just watched the Ayako release, and while the show itself is as good as expected, the fansub was awful. I have limited understanding of japanese and even i could spot the mistakes. Not to mention the bad editing of the english.

That alone wouldnt cause me to gripe, since groups usually get better as a show progresses, but what was with the encoding? Right off the bat it starts hogging 50% of the processor and at several times during the ep it became laggy because it was taking 100%, and i have an AMD 4800.

Hopefully they improve their encoding aswell as their editing >.<

As for the ep, depending on how they follow the manga it could be a great show. However after been let down so much recently by failed manage conversion *cough*D.Gray-Man*cough* im not sure im going to put any faith in them following the manga for long

The art style is great and the girls are just to damned cute for their own good. Cant wait to see future episodes.
For people with computers who cannot handle H264, there'll be an xvid version up later today.

I concur about the editing.
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