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Originally Posted by Toua View Post
I don't know if you're a fansubber or not, but that's a typical leecher's perspective. They somehow think everything in fansubbing has to do with bringing them the fansubbed episodes since they're at the end of the distribution chain. Releasing fansubs is more like an inevitable side effect of all the fun and hardships fansubbers had and slaved through during the fansubbing process. Newbie fansubbers usually like to say "we're fansubbing for the fans <we don't want to keep them waiting>", but every veteran fansubber will tell you a different reason, and there are many of those.
I am not a fansubber, but then all the xvid releases that are made at the moment are just for fun? Why mass distribute in the first place? Or did they just sub it and thought oh and let's buy bandwidth to distribute it just for the epic lulz? If fansubbers would only release in the one format they like and distribute by bittorrent and fservers. Then I would agree, but that isn't the case. So yes I got this crazy idea that fansubbers want to target a large audience and seeing the releases that is the case.

My point is that it's too early to switch to H.264 releases only.
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