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Well I cant really remember but I didnt say Gin was falling in love with Kurumu but it was rather Kurumu who has shown to some cute expressions for Gin like when she scolded him for not helping Tsukune ans when Gin did come to help you could see a that Kurumu was impressed and Gin was effected by her words, also the time a girl Gin was suspected of murdering girls or something like that but it turned out to be a girl who was in love with Gin and at the end when all was said and done Gin did something which again impressed Kurumu and she had that warm ook on her face once more and there were other two instances which I dont remember but the last of these examples of Kurumu's frowing respect for Gin, was when they were leaving Sun and Kurumu was the one who noticed Gin's feelings and you could tell that it touched her somehow. I might be imagining things though but I really do take those as hints and I do think its a pretty good possibility for them ending up together
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