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Originally Posted by sirn View Post
That's not what I mean. I have no problem watching it raw (which I did). The character settings in the episode is very clear, the problem is the episode itself.
Aaah, I gotcha.

Regarding your example, you are certainly correct. The show was messing with the timeline a little bit, so you had to "rearrange" the sequence of events in your head to understand everything. On the other hand, I like it when I'm forced to use my head some - when I'm expected to watch the characters and their actions, and to draw proper conclusions from that myself.

Take AkaneIro as opposite example: Here, the sidecharacters were used to repeat the most obvious observations to the viewer time and time again, so that he is literally forced to reach certain conclusions. No kind of brainwork involved at all. This kind of storytelling has unfortunately become all too prevalent nowadays, it simplifies (to avoid the more appropriate "stupidifies") the story for easy consumption. Compared to that, WA might seem relatively complicated. True.

Thank god, if you ask me ^_^;
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