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Still trying to straighten the confusion from the story right now...keep repeating few scenes again and again just to get the things right.I won't give up this show yet just becoz of this labyrinth like storyline...

But before that....

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the only "good" show that eclipse has ever subbed was geass r2, and even then that was only good in a "it sucks but it's so hilariously over the top that you can't help but enjoy it" kind of way (and I say this as a member of eclipse, so it's not group bashing)
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Fluffy always hates the shows he's working on. And all other shows too. Can't be helped ... and that he's got to time the non-audio "thoughts" of Touya too just adds insult to injury!

I can't help myself but to say this for you guys at Eclipse
Spoiler for erm....:
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