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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
(;゚Д゚) Na... Nadatte?!
Then this is a must-watch... Hmm~, wonder if the anime will be twisted from the game like School Days did...
I only hope that part that i heard is wrong...i don't really mind about some intense and twisted romance in a relationship between a guy and 2 girls but at least not to the extend that could even break School Days record...

And hopefully the storyline can be more solid and touching after this..i can already see the potential and real-ness of the story,and i hope there's no stupid joke appear out from nowhere that will kill my mood to watch this show.

P/s - So Aya Hirano won last season on her battle against Rie Kugimiya..but i don't wish to see Nana lose to Aya in this show.
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