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Originally Posted by revive4563 View Post
Sound director is surprisingly old...
Very interesting

I love the addition Kana did on her dialogues, they certainly make mayushii even more charming/childish, and those signs she put for how to voice, too cute, I never thought that anyone would use them IRL.

Some other stuff I noticed:
  • They had a couch inside the recording room for spectactors
  • The room itself didn't look very sound-proof or technology improved in the last 15 years
  • Wind-shields for microphones I guess VAs scream and growl a lot
  • And it is tutturuu, not dudduruu
  • They looked liked they were really enjoying their work, though they could just be pretending in front of the camera.
  • Still as with most VAs, I prefer to much their voice with the characters, their 3D appearance just does not fit, using their normal voice seems much more attractive
  • Is it me or Kana was dressed like Mayushii
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