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It's because Okarin never did tell Ruka about the numbers before he sent the D-mail in the first place. What Okarin merely did was send D-mail with the lotto numbers to himself, he didn't tell Ruka directly.

And when Okarin time travels, he changes world lines mentally, not physically. John Titor confirmed that when timelines change, people's memories are altered and have no recollection of the previous timeline.

Okarin is the only person ever to have the ability to retain his memories when changing timelines, and because his memories aren't altered, he doesn't have any memories of the new timeline.

He physically did tell Ruka about the lotto numbers after he changed world lines, but his unique ability doesn't allow him to remember himself doing that, because he never had memories of himself telling Ruka in the first place.
Just to clarify this, it'd be much easier to say he changes world lines physically, not mentally. His current physical state is transposed into a different world line where he has no recollection of what that Okabe Rintarou did in that timeline, he only maintains the memories of what he has done in his own timeline.

It'll be interesting to see who John Titor is, it'd probably be simpler to just tell him that Okabe has the IBN5100, but I suppose he doesn't completely trust him?

And like others have said obvious that Suzuha is from the future, feels like a terminator type deal. Her eye color makes it seem like she might be Okabe's daughter or something, but that's probably not right at all, and just pure speculation, because obviously her saying she knew someone who knew the IBN5100 was most likely Okabe himself, so while there is a relation, I suppose what relation could it be.
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