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Originally Posted by Keriaku
I don't think this is a spoiler, because it was shown at the beginning of Watangashi, but I'll put it in spoiler tags just in case...

Spoiler for Beginning of Watanagashi:
Let us not forget that Shion first lured Rika over as to probably make Satoko come to the Sonozaki House.., or it is what I belive was the reason for she to summon Rika over first.

It is very possible that Shion first "atended" to "taking care" of Sakoto as soon as this one arrived to the House.., and probably had just kept Rika a prisioner meantime.

We now know that it was Shion dressed as Mion when she went along with Keiichi and Rena to Rika's & Satoko's house in search for them; we know this because.., during the moment where Keiichi climbs up the ladder and starts to mencione Satoko, Shion(passing off as Mion) goes compleatly berserk about Satoko beeing a burder on Satoshi and how she was the reason his life was compleatly ruined.

Probably after this scene when she then returned home she found Rika about to stab herself as we saw in the begining of Watanagashi-hen.
Still what are the real reasons for this I am not sure.., as in.. what realy drove Rika to do that..

It might simply be that she did not wish to have the same fate as Satoko did, or that she'd rather take her own life then to leave it in the hands of what would happen to her as we saw in Tatarigoroshi-hen.
Either way.. Rika will die just as she predicted she would, that so far is the only sure thing I know regarding her

oh.. and Keriaku, all of this happened previously so.., I belive there is no need for the spoiler tags .
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