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Originally Posted by houkoholic View Post
Go re-watch the first episode of Kio's arc (episode 29 btw) where Ezelcant's hologram gives a speech and declares war on Earth and tell me those Vagan soldiers carrying out his murderous orders at that moment, including people like Zeheart loyally leading the first invasion on civilian targets with Kio and his friends going to a damn town festival just below him, is somehow not really supporting Ezelcant's cover story of carrying out divine judgement on the Earthnoids (eg killing them because Earthnoids don't deserve Earth whereas the Vagans do), and that really deep down their action is actually seeking peaceful resolution which you claim.
Holy run-on Batman!
I will direct you to the Milgram Experiment
In summary: even good people will follow orders and do bad things.

Also how is Fram denying Kio's offer to lay down arms and talk showing her that she too is seeking peaceful co-existence. Really, please tell us why to judge the Vagans, or at least those specific characters, on these actions is wrong, I'm waiting to be enlightened.
Was Fram portrayed as a psychopath along the lines of Desil or Minks who just wants to kill people and hates the Earthers? Because that's what you're suggesting...

I'm not saying Fram is right, because obviously the only person in hte right is Kio, everyone else is wrong. But to fault Fram for not taking Kio's offer is just stupid. 99% of people would have the same reaction as Fram. faulting her for that is just pulling at straws.
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