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Originally Posted by AP24 View Post
Just read Vol 9 raw and hereís some more info I can add.

Spoiler for Vol 9:

So they really are officially engaged. I hope there will be more anime that will cover up to this volume at least.

It doesnít look like Eromanga Sensei will end soon since the anime adaptation of Sekaimo is still 8 months away in the story. It will probably take at least 3 more volumes, which is a good thing cause I want to see much of Masamune and Sagiriís relationship after being engaged. Though, the anime will definitely need at least two cours in order to cover the story until the end.

Sekaimo must be very popular in the story that the anime adaptation was decided when only 4 volumes of the LN had been released.
Well, my before mentioned guess was like 2-3 volumes more, but we will see. I will start read Eromanga sensei vol 9 once I finish vol 22 Mahouka
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