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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I checked out the OVA a while back and liked what I saw there, so count me in for wanting more out of this series.
Originally Posted by FireChick View Post
Yaaaaay!! The new Tamayura anime!! I love how Fu-chan looks in the picture! I don't want to wait until October! I want some more warmth and fluffiness! Well, this and Kimi to Boku are going on my to-watch list.
Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
I had completely forgotten that this wonderful little slice of bliss was going to get a TV adaptation. The OVAs were very enjoyable, delivering pure tranquility and inspiring an awe for life in a way that only Satou Junichi knows.
Yatta! I am very much looking forward to this one in the Autumn 2011 lineup.

Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
I really like that image of Potte in the opening post. ^^ Tamayura's a show that I've had some interest in for this Fall, but funnily enough I never knew there were already four OVAs to come out. I just finished the second of the OVAs; cute show, I'm enjoying it (Especially since Whistle Girl is no longer making me want to murder her by whistling every three seconds)....
Awwww ... I thought the whistling was kinda cute, to be honest.
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