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Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday View Post
I meant that morally you shouldn't like the kind of person he is.
Which, as always, applies equally to Lelouch.

If I remember, wasn't the quote you're referring to more about how the director was saying that, despite his pleasant personality, that Suzaku had his own dark secrets and flaws? That has a different meaning than just "he's a bad person, never be like him."
I haven't seen him be more competent than Lelouch to be honest, but given you're a fan of Suzaku and I'm not means I'm probably to blind to see it.
Well, how many times has a cat or a single unexpected variable almost ruined Suzaku's grand plans in a comedic series of events?

Seriously though, Suzaku tends to be beaten by more reasonable reasons (such as enemy reinforcements/upgrades, C.C.'s interference, and so on), while Lelouch is often beaten by a single unexpected variable he doesn't over-plan for.
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