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Good episode, nice mix of plot and action. I'm glad that they're bringing in more of Kiritsugu's inner thoughts since it would also ruin his character if they did a lot of internal dialogue. There's really not much room in this series for all of that, lest we get a ton of it each episode since the point of view changes so much. Perhaps his characterization is too subtle for some, but I find it believeable.

I kinda just have to laugh at the censoring...especially since this is being played around, what, midnight in Japan? Shouldn't that give them more leniency with the gore? I can kinda see why exploding bodies and whatnot might not be that great, but this is pretty clean, blood wise, when Caster is doing some pretty depraved things to those children. Ah well. It's more funny than anything else.

Oh, the Rider and Waver scene...we've been laughing about this all day. You go kill someone, I will buy you pants and let you go outside. Deal!
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