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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Zero - Oh~ So, will he end up with Haruna in the fic or is thins going for the harem end like the original did?
I'm not even sure, haven't decided.

If there's any girl with decent ship tease and relationship's neither Haruna, Lala, Yui or other harem, it's Rin. As in, Rin Kujou, the bodyguard of Saki Tenjouin.

Unlike the usual, they started as pure just friend and growing attraction is mostly due to genuine interaction and chemistry (you can check the old To-Love-Ru Stratos if you want. Warning: Illogical plot, undefined fanon-rules, and Spotlight sue syndrome).

If I take the realistic path and ignoring the fandom rage, then he'll ended up with Rin.

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
The abilities sound interesting but you have to be careful. Making him too overpowered will turn off readers who like balance for the characters.
I'm more concerned with spotlight and characterization problem (though back the I'm more familiar with TLR and is new to I.S. fandom) I'm sure I can make every cast is balanced when it comes to power level (the reason I made Houki stay at C or C+) but thanks for the warning.

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
Side note - Tabane's daughter (forgot her name) tries doing experiments on the protags. They're just prank traps but they have a definite "Saw" feel to them. Ichika cand Kyuukai can't get out and get carroted (Ichika was panicking and Kyuukai had no idea how the trap worked). Irish manages to get out by using his environment to his advantage so she becomes curious about him.
LOL, Kyuukai wont be happy... first Koyomi and now Kuu-chan

EDIT: Rain, maybe he meant Tabane's adopted daughter form the novel?
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