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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Zero - So it's more of friendly enemy and rivalmance then? I know how to write those.
Yeah, they started out as frenemies, but later develop into mentor-apprentice relationship (Rito teach her about human relationship, Rin tech him to fight PROPERLY).

Rin also develop some kind of rivalry with Houki, due for them being resident katana-wielding lady of War. Meanwhile, Saki has strained friendship with Tatenashi since childhood and Saki ditched her after graduating from Junior High (for example Saki has A+ aptitude but limited combat skill, and that's just the tip of the BIG Iceberg....).

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
Side note - How about actually trying not to tease him and use more appropriate actions? Of course, Irish just thinks she's planning something rather than see it as an improvement.
Yeah, that too, her act always backfired to her in most of our stories due to her initial mischief. But then again 'acceptance of human flaws' is part of Shadow's theme right?

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