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Also, not commenting on the whole speculation and shipping thing, just some food for thought: we've seen Amata instinctively know what to do in Aquarion, we've seen him use the legendary (Fudou's words, not mine) Mugen Punch, we've seen Aquarion peeping creepily at shota!Amata (pretty sure that was supposed to be a symbolic representation of something) and the last of what we've seen of his memories was Aquarion taking Alisia (his mother? sister? childhood idol? she's much older than him that's for sure) away from him. I think we can safely say that he's connected to Aquarion on a very deep level which most likely has some relevance as far as reincarnation shenanigans are concerned.

Another interesting person is Alisia, with her connections to Silvia (name, hairdo, played her in the movie) and her obvious importance to the plot. And she's also connected to Amata.
Amata is the incarnation of Aquarion, hence why he has no smell. He's the incarnation of a pair of wings -_-
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