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Spoiler for ending discussion:

Actually we haven't seen her really pilot yet. She piloted the Aquaria pre-Sousei Gattai and got her butt kicked; we need to see her pilot post-Sousei Gattai and do the butt kicking.
I'm talking about I want to see her personality more. I want to dig below this facet we're given so far and explore what's hidden beneath. You could say that I want to find reasons to like or support her. So far, we've only gotten a little into Mikono's past and her personality, and so, I want to view more on Zessica and Amata, and certainly Kagura.

Hey, I won't deny that Kagura is hot.

Originally Posted by Lord of Pandemonium View Post're making my head hurt from the confusion. I don't know about your reality, in mine Frontier has NO MOVIES. Series ended a few years ago....

Will you quit it?! You're weirding me out
Sorry, LoP.

But to me, there is an OVA, of just AR. I push Sheryl out the door and just put all AR scenes together.
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