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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
Hmmm, more "I'm not paying enough attention to what people are saying," I see. I'm not talking about the series. I'm talking about the novels. That was kinda made clear when I was talking about the novel publishings and all that.
Of course the series is over. That was also kinda made clear with the whole final episode bit and all.
Since I don't read Japanese, I haven't read the novels, so when I talk of Infinite Stratos, I'm always talking of the series. Notice that quite a lot of people only hear about an anime when it becomes a series or movie. That's no exception.

I know you're taking about her personality. I'm saying we haven't really seen her pilot yet, since she's hasn't actually gotten to be the head in a Sousei Gattai. (in response to the part where you said we've seen her pilot)
Excuse me for wanting to get away from the discussion about piloting for ONE SECOND.

In that case, I should say I want to see Mikono pilot. She seems to have some skill, considering she's able to fly the craft safely, so she's bound to have some skill. I wouldn't put it by her to have been trained a little to fight if necessary.
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