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To keep it light-hearted: imho the funniest thing they could do with Yunoha is have her turn into a smoking hot chick, but *only* during gattai. Then, use her to keep trolling Andy, who seemingly won't get to gattai with a girl until near the end of the series.
Egads NO!!! I can't stand spam or discussions that lack substance.If you want me to leave just say so. I am very proud to be an otaku and If I love something...I really want to discuss it. I don't understand why everyone keeps posting comments about ship to ship combat. Seriously, we're all adults--well most of us are, right? iI'm not mad, passionate yes. I am not mad. We can't just disagree sometimes. Just because we disagree doesn't make it a fight. It just mean we see things from different perspectives. It's romance, so it might be shippy but I don't see this as ship to ship combat. Especially since the ships haven't been established in the series. It's merely our preferences and why. I don't see why we have to walk on eggshells. If you don't want to discuss it, than don't. If you have an opinion and you don't want anyone to comment on it - why post it in a discussion thread on a public forum? You could just BLOG and disable comments. Then you wouldn't have to see any opinion but your own and no one could question or disagree with it. ..I don't get it
Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
I don't think Kagura is an ensemble darkhorse... he's featured pretty prominently in the promotional artwork and stuff, to say nothing of the actual anime itself. (I expect Jin to be the surprise favorite, he already has a nice number of fangirls. )

Also, not commenting on the whole speculation and shipping thing, just some food for thought: we've seen Amata instinctively know what to do in Aquarion, we've seen him use the legendary (Fudou's words, not mine) Mugen Punch, we've seen Aquarion peeping creepily at shota!Amata (pretty sure that was supposed to be a symbolic representation of something) and the last of what we've seen of his memories was Aquarion taking Alisia (his mother? sister? childhood idol? she's much older than him that's for sure) away from him. I think we can safely say that he's connected to Aquarion on a very deep level which most likely has some relevance as far as reincarnation shenanigans are concerned.

Another interesting person is Alisia, with her connections to Silvia (name, hairdo, played her in the movie) and her obvious importance to the plot. And she's also connected to Amata.
Also, not commenting on the whole speculation and shipping thing, --Nor am I trying to prove anything. I just like the way the screenies look in my posts and it saves time, because you can see what I am talking about. Plus some people are at work or school and they're not supposed to be online and don't have the luxury of checking episodes. So I post them, so you can get a clearer picture of what-I-ama-thinkin and the reasons I think the way I do. I saw your comment and it did what you intended. It made me think...because you were kind enough to share with me and the rest of of EVOL fans. I thought I might return the favor. . So I just want to add some side dishes and appetizers to the meal you prepared. So they can sample them while they partake of your food thought I figure why not serve a FEAST for the brains I have an eccentric typesetting-style at times. If I think someone will actually read it. Otherwise I don't bother (like in the Bleach Forum here)

You can skip ahead to the parts where I say, I am now convinced that Amata is part of Apollon and Kagura...I do believe that he could be Silvia and I say why but Episode 6 made me rethink that. Again...I am not trying to prove anything. It's just a snack for our minds

Mugen Punch--is Aquarion's signature move and if you watched the series you'd know that all Aquaron's battles wasn't because of Apollo. It did a lot of amazing things based on the power of the elements--which was needed to overcome whatever problem they were having

Evol's Mugen Punch--the legendary move, wasn't because of Amata.
Fudo told how it was born and he did not give credit to Amata. He said "In Aquarion's chest is YOUTH"

then he showed the card that had a heart with joined hands. A "UNION"

Mugen was born because A. Mikono decided to stop being passive and fight for once, even if she could get hurt. She chose to fight this time instead of running away and hiding.

It was a symbol of the their joined hearts and hands. It's not because of Amata alone, it was because of Mikono for the most part and their UNION. (of all three)

When they first formed Aquarion, there was no GATTAI Orgasm and it was a turbulent union that could easily come undone as he had with Andy.

Also because Cayenne and Amata let Mikono join in the fight instead of trying to protect her by sheltering her and keep her from harm. (incidentally this is the moment I KNEW she was Silvia)

Because they all decided to share the pain and struggle together. Amata was a part of that union but he wasn't the catalyst. Mikono and their acceptance and support of her was Otherwise they could have done it with Andy. The elements have to support each other or else the union will be unstable, and easily undone.
As soon as they did. Aquarion started vibrating --it's heart began to beat

then they truly united. They had those orgasms then they clasped hands and basically sang like they were a Broadway ensemble (I expected little animals to come and join them )

It was then Fudo said Mugen Punch was reborn ...The Original Mugen was used for a different reason

However he never attributed to Amata. Aquarion is deeper than mecha, fights that are cg masturbation, fanservice, and orgasms

In Episode 1--Amata knew what to do, but if he were a part of Silvia. He would know since Celiane is the original pilot. Silvia is also a pilot and De'Alisia is Silvia's last name. Also except for the very time they don't say "Sousei Gattai" to bring out Aqaurion. I wonder why that is....

Celiane/Silvia is based on Artemis who was also known as "Selene"

The dove is her symbol and Silvia/Sirus and Artemis have all been depicted with wings on their backs just like Amata....

Also Apollo called out to Aquarion but he didn't know what to do either. Apollonious appeared and told him. So Amata has one up on him and it may mean he is Apollon in this life, or part of him.

Or it maybe he knows the same way Fudo knows but he isn't Apollon either. *shrugs* It's kind of like he planted the suggestion. What's up with the glowing crystals as he said that ..I dunno

Aquarion did watch him, but Cayenne also saw Mikono with Aquarion as a child too. It's kind of odd that both of them are seen with Aquarion Apparently Aquarion likes stalking,peeping and killing little children

Jin/Jun also said that "That's the form they used to fight Kagura. I wonder if it's as strong as THE ORIGINAL" as if that's a fake one and not the original (which may account for Apollon being absent..or not. I just wonder what he meant by that

I admit that had me convinced Amata was part of or connected to Silvia, then I saw episode six.

Which made me think that this ....
Originally Posted by evil|plushie View Post
Amata is the incarnation of Aquarion, hence why he has no smell. He's the incarnation of a pair of wings -_-
Might true after all. Either he's part of Kagura or he's just some creation of Mikage.
TBH...I think that the "Reigler" is Amata not Mikono.
I have no doubt that, Kagura is "The Chosen One" and he is truly Apollo/Apollon. The person whom Mikage speaks of, but the Reigler he follows so doggedly isn't Mikono. She's just his mate but he's also drawn to Aquarion & Amata <---The Reigler. I believe that Amata is whom they were searching for in Episodes 1 & 2 .


Originally I thought Amata might actually be Celiane/Silvia/Sylvie like Sirius because... of a few instances. You mentioned a few of them in the quote above--

I actually lean toward Shrade being part of Mikono/Silvia/Sylvie/Celiane more than Amata.

Because... NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO I am out of time. I will tell you what changed my mind as dessert. All of our brains have gorged themselves on this luxurious banquet you and I prepared

Keep in mind that this isn't from a shipper's perspective. Merely a fan who loves this series and now loves EVOL. I like to talk about things I love and this is long..forgive. I have a lot to say...this is actually the short version

This has been "one to grow on" with LoP

PEACE!!!(running late now!!)
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