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Lord of Pandemonium: I enjoy your posts, even if I don't respond; they certainly have filled me in on a lot of background from the original series.

Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
We've seen Mykage kidnap at least one woman and in one episode we hear a report to Izumo about freshly kidnapped Reaiglers (sp??) not working because dimension travel broke them and they can't perform their function anymore.
This part I wasn't sure of, if it's fresh in your memory I'd be curious how certain you are? I seem to recall it being slightly more logically disjointed: the "reiaglers" they'd captured weren't usable, and (separately?) several of the machines broke down due to the strains of dimensional travel. So the way I interpreted it was more of a "on the one hand, we had yet-another poor harvest; on the other hand, we lost more machines due to the rigors of dimensional travel".

This doesn't rule out the reiaglers being an important part of Altair's technological base -- I'm leaning that way myself -- but the connection was a bit more implicit the way I remembered understanding it. But I could be wrong on both counts -- misunderstood it at the time and/or misremembered it now -- so if it's still fresh I'd appreciate your input.

Also: I wouldn't worry about the of Reigler, I did some searching and wasn't able to find any candidates, so until we know what they are Reiagler is as good as any. FWIW I first thought they might've be "恋愛glers", but I listened carefully and there's *definitely* not even the faintest hint of an 'n' sound when they're pronouncing the term.

At a big-picture level: the original series was enough of a flop I just generally doubt that Kawamori (et al) are going to feel too obligated to color within the lines of the original series' canon and themes unless they specifically want to. They may stick close to it, they may not; their hands are free. Thus I'm backing away from too much reincarnation speculation at this time, b/c although I'm sure some people will turn out to be reincarnations of others, I'm kinda expecting the way events play out to be different enough that having knowledge of the reincarnations (e.g. from previous series) won't be all that useful.
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