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Originally Posted by TheFluff
Well, some people use Adobe AfterEffects to create signs, karaoke, logos etc. Premiere is, however, almost never used. At least I haven't ever seen anyone using it.
Correct, and even then, many signs and effects are done with script effects. AfterEffects is only called in for more advanced effects, as seen when groups attempt to mimic certain series logo with their own group name. It isn't always used, though. The scripting effects can do quite advanced things.

Since SSA and vdub are the traditional (and free) tools of the trade, it's also what people know and learn. The Adobe programs have a pretty steep learning curve to be used effectively and, as was mentioned, they're expensive - we're fansubbers, not warez enthusiasts. From my experience, fansubbers rarely train themselves. If you have a particular resource (fast computer, fast internet, large hard drive space, etc.) and volunteer it, you will be trained for a certain position within a fansub group.

You're being trained by a fansubber of that particular position. That fansubber obviously works with what he knows. If you move to a different position, it'll be the same thing, though you'll be more capable of teaching yourself. However, the resources you'd be using are the same as the other fansubbers. You can't do something radically different, because you're doing one part of a larger process. What you do needs to be compatible with everyone else.

This isn't to say that innovations don't occur within fansubbing. New programs and methods are tested all the time. In order to get the job done, there'll always be the trusted methods, of course, and those are what people learn when they first enter into fansubbing.

But that all probably corresponds to something a bit different than what you specifically asked. The specific reason is that it's not necessary and it's less efficient than what fansubbers currently use, due largely to cost and learning curve factors. As was also mentioned, in certain cases it's less effective in general. The programs were intended for a different purpose (video compilation for Premiere, and effect overlays for After Effects) than simply re-encoding video and overlaying subtitles.
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