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I think all of the harem will end up with powers influenced by Ise and Ddraig if the series goes on long enough. We've already seen Akeno 'dragon power'. We can assume Rias's coming power up is dragon/ destruction.

Any of the characters who use magic can probably get a direct influenc, like Akeno if they become part of the Harem.

My question is will the characters ever have sex? We know Ise life force/ dragon energy can be taken from sucking his finger... We also know Ise powers up through ecchi things, specifically oppai. Will his final level up come from finally popping some cherries?

I wouldn't expect the scenes to be written, something like so me and Rias made love... The next day etc etc.

I think all the characters could potentially get a sexual power up. Perhaps to the final level for the novels.
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