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High School DxD Volume 17: Valkyrie of the Teacher Training

"The depression of the 100 yen Valkyrie and the arrival of her grandmother".

Ise and co trains for the upcoming battle. During such time, Rossweisse's grandmother comes to visit the Hyoudou residence. Rossweisse looks up to her grandmother from the bottom of her heart as she a living legendary magician, but something is wrong......
Also Volume 17 would be he end of the second semester and is Rossweisse's volume.
Volume 18 would be winter holiday and is Irina's volume.
Volume 19 would be the start of the third semester and is Xenovia's volume.

Volume 17 would take place in the school Sona is building. Rossweisse's past and her hidden ability would be revealed. (The author revealed it in his twitter)
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