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Indeed. There are two things that characterize the Cao family: cunning and cruelty. But whereas Cao Cao is more more cunning than cruelty, his son is more cruelty than cunning. At the same time, however, he isn't stupid; quite the opposite. An intelligent, cruel man used to getting his way as the heir to Wei.

Oh and an important recognition: I'll keep in mind not to be so predictable with the love scenes next time there are moments of intimacy.

On a note about the Galatea vs. Flora rivalry: what a coincidence, I have just begun expanding on this in a later chapter. In most modern representations of the Three Kingdoms, Shu and Wei are archenemies whilst Wu play its cards more cautiously. Liu Bei despises Cao Cao for essentially usurping the power of the Han Dynasty, whilst Cao Cao scorns Liu Bei for his antiquated pipe dreams. These two schools of thought will eventually force Flora and Galatea to clash.

And the fact that Cynthia would be absolutely no match for Galatea. At least Flora stands a chance.
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