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Originally Posted by winkel View Post
Because apparently now her words were never dangerous and are not supposed to be dangerous if they're happy.

Or at least, that's what everyone has been telling me so far in this thread.
I'll explain again just for you. Her words have the capability to alter reality by whatever she says. So if she says "Die" anyone hearing it will die. She also has to actually have some conviction behind the words she says though like during the fight with Kyoko, she was really trying to get rid of her to protect Ayumu and the group. Her armor limits her powers to a degree to make them more controllable and not random as it would be without them. It's not foolproof though so she still limits her speaking to be safe. At the end she was talking because she accepted Ayumu's feelings that he will take care of her and change her fate. Also I saw that she still used the note pad before the end instead of speaking so it's not like she is now going to be talking all the time.

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