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That still doesn't make sense why she would talk then out of all the other times she's had talks with him. She uses the notepad and does not talk at all for a reason.

Now if it was okay for her to talk in small amounts, then they should have established that from thebeginning. If she's talking there because she was being worked up even though her words are still powerfully effective.. then she's being selfish and going against her entire philosophy up until now. The whole entire series up until now emphasized the restraint and difficulties she's placed on herself because of her powers, but conveniently at the end, she is able to put them aside to express her feelings to him. Not to mention a similar thing happened back in the mid series but she still refused to talk back then.

I mean, I'm completely fine if the animators wanted to do it for dramatic effect, but just pointing out at the inconsistency it created.

I'm not quite sure what you meant by before the end... she said "it hurts", he let go, and then Haruna came crashing down.. and then she spoke, and they all became surprised. Then it was the next ep preview and the end message?
No when they were celebrating the swimming trip thing. Also she didn't believe Ayumu would be able to do it back then at ep 4. Now with the Yoruno gone she is willing to believe and trust him. Also she even said in the scene with Ayumu that she was being a little selfish, Ayumu said she was too. You are creating an inconsistency where there really isn't one.

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