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I suppose the only question I have is what happened to Kyouko? Last we saw she was taken away by the guy who just got annihilated in episode 11. Has she just turned into an unresolved question?

Anyways the last couple episodes were fun. 12 was just hilarious and they definitely avoided seriousness there. I didn't think spotting Saras singing would end up sucking up the rest of the episode as everyone save Yuki went for their debut. Still some nice songs especially with Eu at the end.

Episode 11 was a bit all over the place. They used a Vampire Ninja sympony to stop the megalo which I guess is fine. But Ayumu and the other guy were just throwing powered up punches for a while until Eu just decided to do what the guy had been asking for all along. Was there a point to all of this? If Eu had just done that to begin with then we'd have saved time. Suppose it was important to send a message about Eu's feelings before.

A good end to the series and definitely feels like a season 2 hint. If they decide to make another season I'll definitely be there to watch. It's been a fun show with good characters, action, and humor. Definitely one of my favorites of the season.
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