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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Before I forget, has there been a projected end chapter for this series?

I know light novels (and more rarely manga, at least in my limited xp) sometimes time an anime series being released to coincide with the end of the writtn materials.

This may already have been speculated upon, and apologies if I am repeating old questions, but can someone fill me in on this? ^^
Not that I'm aware of. As you mentioned, adaptions of manga rarely manage to do that (if at all - I can't think of an example off the top of my head) and in this case the anime would have to catch up at lot of material first (unless it skips too much good 'filler' stuff).

I mean, I wouldn't write off the possibility entirely but as it is right now no ending has been announced or even hinted at from looking at the plot. Also remember, Nisekoi is published in WSJ and while it has had a good run so far it's not yet immune to getting axed very quickly if ratings start to drop and stay there.
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