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Sorry about this post, I didn't see your post, my message here was to another poster.

To jedinat:

I love soap operas. I love romance and I love soap operas. I like Beverly Hills, 90210.

I like a well developed relationship. It's good if the couple gets together early on or in the middle. As long as it's developed well. I like lots of kisses. One isn't enough to satisfy me, I like around 12 kisses, 13 kisses, 20 kisses. 30 kisses. I really like relationships, sociology and relationships developing is something I really enjoy. Living it is even better. I like relating to couples in stories, thinking of my relationship and relate to the stories. I like things progressing, having a couple go through stages in stories is intriuging. Like, for example

Sexual passion, become boyfriend and girlfriend, becoming a couple, dating, going on dates, steady dating, making out, having sex, making out in hotel rooms, having hot and heavy makeout sessions, hugging, kissing, holding hands, walking arm in arm, trading promise rings, breaking up, getting back together, kissing, hugging, eloping, becoming a steady couple, love triangles, other suitors appear, questioning the relationship, going out, making out, cuddling, proposing, getting engaged, getting married, having a wedding, eloping, having sex, having a child, having hot, passionate sex, living together, hooking up, having one night stands, having hot and heavy hook ups, having hot sex, making out in bed, making out in hotel rooms, sleeping together, saving each other, risking lives for each other, dying for each other, being together, sharing a true, eternal love. There needs to be more than a kiss, hug and blush. There needs to be a long-lasting relationship.

I like looking at the change. When a relationship goes through the changes, then it's so intriuging after finishing the story to watching it all over again and comparing the changes. I like romance. Looking at relationships and the changes throughout them. I love living romance. I like couples that go through changes and many stages so I can compare the story and look at how much the interaction changes. I love soap operas.

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