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To original poster, I really think you'd enjoy Marmalade Boy. It's 76 episodes. There isn't any cheating and the series doesn't go too deep. It's cute, realistic, lively and has three main couples and lots of other couples. Their are three seasons. I bought them all on bootleg for 65 dollars, but the subtitles were funny because it was translated by people from China translating Japanese into English, so the subtitles had a lot of errors, but the series was great. Some parts of the anime were better than the manga, but the manga had a better ending. I really think you'd enjoy it, all 76 episodes. You should try one episode and give it a chance. It's nothing like KimiNozu, the characters don't cheat on each other. To the other poster, I will answer the question later, since I'm typing on a different computor. The other computer is easy to type on, but this one keeps deleting my messages and types really slowly, so I can't make any real posts without making typos or deleting my messages because of this thing.
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