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Thanks Onibaba, nice suggestion of Suzuka. I really liked it, couldn't stop watching, though I do not really agree with the story development. (I'd have loved to see Honoka and Akitsuki be together at the end but the series is called Suzuka, so .... )

I'd really love to see another series similar to Suzuka, but I'd like he story to advance at a bit faster pace. I mean I'd like to see something similar, but the couple has to get together earlier than just at the final episode, so we can see some advancement in their relation ...

In Suzuka, the story is about sports ... though to me it doesn't matter what the theme is, sports or sword fighting or mecha ... doesn't matter if the advancement is there.

Further specification: it has to be serious, so nothing like Love Hina and the drawing style has to be realistic too, sort of like Suzuka. The story of Kodocha seems nice but the drawings aren't really attaractive imho ... Also I very much like moments like in Full Metal Panic TSR, where Sousouke enouncters Chidori after his break down, really gives me the shivers, so animes with moments like that plz tell

I read all previous posts and searched their contents and till now I have only a phew that might be interesting:
Marmalade boy, Boys Be... and Ichigo 100%.
From other threads I noticed Honey & Clover.

So if u can give me some more suggestions, thanks a lot!!

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