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I like series where the couple is dating throughout the series and boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the manga/anime. That is a true romance anime/manga, when the couple is together and goes on dates and gets together in the first season.

The manga is a lot more mature. The characters are drawn better in the manga and the series is more mature. In the anime, the series gets better as it goes along, the first couple of episodes may make it seem like it's for younger audiences, but that's because the anime has a lot of filler. Once you get into the series more, the characters develop and it becomes more mature. Once the characters get together, the series becomes more mature, dealing with relationship issues. The characters in Marmalade Boy are actually a couple for a long time, unlike Suzuka, which isn't a romance anime. Marmalade Boy deals with a lot of mature issues. Their are many affairs and the series gets better as it goes along. There are quite a bit of filler episodes, the manga doesn't have any filler. Manga is almost always better than anime, but a lot of the filler in Marmalade Boy is good, it develops the couples' relationship. Marmalade Boy is most famous for it's long kisses. Their are a lot of kisses between manga couples and a lot of couples get together.

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Some images from Marmalade Boy

You watched the episode where Yuu kisses Miki in the nurse's office, right?

The manga is a lot more mature.

Kare First Love

Kare First Love is a mature manga series you might enjoy. The couple gets together early on and shares a mature relationship. One thing is, every volume after volume 2, the couple discusses whether or not to have sex. In another mature series, Mars, the series is very similar. Only in Mars, the plot is deeper, as are the characters' pasts. Rape is covered in Mars, while it isn't covered in Kare First Love. In both series the couples have issues over whether to have sex, in Mars they wait longer and they live together after having sex, whereas in Kare First Love, almost every volume is discussing whether to have sex. In Mars, rape and suicide are discussed and it's very mature. Kare First Love isn't as serious as Mars and doesn't deal with rape and the handling of sex is quite different.

I recommend Kare First Love and Mars for a seriosu series dealing with romance, sex and being in a relationship.

Peach Girl is a series everyone can relate to. It's a mature drama manga. The manga is 18 volumes long. Volumes 1-8 are sold as Peach Girl 1-8 and volumes 9-18 are sold as Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1-10. Some people might get the wrong volumes if they don't follow it carefully. The series is so realistic with situations and characters everyone can relate to. The couples get together early on. The characters and situations are so easy to relate to. The anime tones down the manga and takes out all the references to sex and changes it to kissing and takes out all the mature and suggestive scenes. You should buy Peach Girl the original volume 1 and work your way through all 18 volumes, but make sure you buy them in the right order. If it says Change of Heart, it is the second half. Peach Girl, the original 1-8 volumes are sold as Peach Girl, the second hald has Change Of heart. Make sure you buy them in the right order. It's very realistic.

Happy Hustle High is a manga dealing with a relationship. It's a romantic comedy, but it deals with sex and love and a serious relationship. The characters are so lovable and so real. The characters are more lovable than a lot of couples. It's a series that is both playful and serious.

You might like the anime Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.

A wonderful series with a wonderful couple is Fushigi Yuugi. Fushigi Yugi is 18 volumes long. The manga is so much better than the anime. The anime is a lot shorter than the manga and cuts out the entire second half of the plot. The manga love story is beautiful and mature, dealing with love, sex and having a relationship. The couple gets together early on and ends up married with a child. It's really sweet.

A mature series is Ayashi no Ceres. The manga is mature and dark. The anime takes out all the love scenes and cuts out half the plot. The manga deals with a lot of mature and dark issues, sex, pregnancy, amnesia and is very dramatic.

Absolute Boyfriend is a cute manga where the couple gets together in the second chapter.

Doubt! is a manga with a lot of drama, but the characters should've been developed more.

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