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Originally Posted by KaneDragon
It's all relative.
Couldn't have said it better. Morality is a human made concept that standardizes the norms of the society. A thousand years from now, it will most likely be completely different. So, arguing whether something is morally correct or not is similar to arguing about religion: to some people, some things are right and other things aren't.

With that aside, I might as well interject my personal opinion out of boredom.

Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
It seems to leave us to make up our own minds about these topics.
Exactly. To me, this is a subtle shade of gray. While Light may possess the qualities of an anti-hero, I personally believe that he is quite justified in his reasoning. This is the conflict between idealism vs cynicism, both within the character and within the story.

The classic fairytale-- the equivalent of shounen in the world of anime-- often presents a naive and idealistic protagonist. So, the protagonist is always "right." Light is idealistic: he wants to create a world free of violence. However, he is also sadistic: he believes in the foul nature of human kind and decides to take a not-so-conventional-hero way of bringing about change. He has the attribute of a "hero" and that of a antagonist. So what is he?

We label as people who want power mongers without control. Light wants to be a God. Is that such a bad thing? In his mind, if he is the ruling entity, then there will be justice to people who never received any. There will be a voice to those who are constantly being exploited. It's similar to Monarchy versus Democracy. Everyone claims that Democracy is a better form of government. The truth is, instead of the tyranny of the monarch, the tyranny of the majority exists. Vice versa, the monarch can be a fair ruler and Democracy can put a check on the ruling entity. It's all a farce; they're all stimgas people like to put on things.

It's the classic case of Julius Caeser's murder. Will he become a dictator? Nothing is proven.
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