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Its fairly simple.

Light: Is some1 that thinks that what he does is the right thing. It's not like he gets pleasure out of killing. And its also isnt like he's trying to rule the world. He wanted to change the world and the Death Note gave him that posibilty even it meant killing others.

L: Is some1 who actually think the same way as Light. Eventhough his stance is diffrent. It's his job to get Light and he does by any means. Sacrfice a few for the Majority. In that way he's the same Light.

I don't see Light or L as a bad guy, but I think killing is wrong by anymeans except for self-defence.

And if we where actually in the world of Death Note. It's simple as the winner is right. History thought us that. Morals do change over-time, but humans will always will have urge to go against the general moral.
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