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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Ah, but do you remember that bastard of a man, the vice-principal megane-yarou?
It isn't impossible for him to do that, since he seems to have something against the twins or the students.

you just sound like you're looking for excuses now(poor ones) what's the likelihood of even that idiot going around student to student saying "oh you know the watsuski(sp?) twins they're totally gettin' it on" lets not forget those two helped stopped shuri from petitioning her fathers project. I highly doubt the principals have a vendetta against the twin's father, they're just trying to keep control(doing a sh***y job of it too) face it the only way that makes any sense if it was if the original sender of the letter did it and Asami is clearly the best option for it they definitely gave us enough foreshadowing for it to be her, people were already making assumptions about her being the one last ep cause seriously who else could it have been?
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