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Originally Posted by ninja_pintu View Post
So the main chara is already dating before the start of the series? Don't see that very often o_O
I'll be happy if they make this like Clannad without drama
Now I might be completely wrong here (as I know nothing of the source material and haven't looked in to it), but from the description I don't get the impression they are "seriously" dating. I would hazard a guess it's more of a surface thing for appearances (Because they thought dating is "cool" ? Or something else along such bizarre lines, why else call it a "contract"), rather than actual romance based on deep-seated feelings and attachment.

A sort of-joke gradually turning more serious with the second girl entering the fray, which should open all the usual worm cans associated with love triangles in the making. I certainly don't expect it to be even remotely close to Clannad in terms of themes and values, which was a show more about "family" than it was about romance or comedy.

At least that's the mental image I get from reading the synopsis.

Also, I second the emotional sentiment behind this:
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