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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
There is so much wrong with that argumentation. Why do civilians need assault weapons to protect themselves? How many bullets do they plan on putting into a robber or thief? Why is it possible for a mentally ill person to easily purchase a weapon in states like Florida (and many others) ? A weapon with automatic fire and large magazines? There is also the BS of 'if someone really wants to commit evil, they will find a way'. Yes, but you can their path easy or you can make it hard. I have absolutely no idea why it is so difficult to understand that the more hurdles there are for potential shooters to overcome, the less likely they are to commit the crime. Gun laws aren't a miraculous solution to solve the problem but they would damn well reduce it.

The Florida shooting may or may not have happened with stricter laws but they certainly would have made it less likely.
The 2nd Amendment isnt about hunting or protection from robbers.

I agree with your stance about Mental Health treatment at least. The rest of it, not so much.

And had I lost someone to a shooting like this, I would be wondering why the Authorities did NOTHING about this kid. He was a clear and present danger to everyone and the signs were out there for months.

Pretty much a summary of where those of us on the right stand, dealing with those on the left on this issue.

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