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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
There is so much wrong with that argumentation. Why do civilians need assault weapons to protect themselves? How many bullets do they plan on putting into a robber or thief? Why is it possible for a mentally ill person to easily purchase a weapon in states like Florida (and many others) ? A weapon with automatic fire and large magazines? There is also the BS of 'if someone really wants to commit evil, they will find a way'. Yes, but you can their path easy or you can make it hard. I have absolutely no idea why it is so difficult to understand that the more hurdles there are for potential shooters to overcome, the less likely they are to commit the crime. Gun laws aren't a miraculous solution to solve the problem but they would damn well reduce it.

Additionally the access to mental health treatment is extremely poor not only in Florida but also in the United States as a whole. Mental Health America reports that 56% of adults did not receive treatment. The process of finding the right path to prevent these tragedies will have to include improving health care but of course this is only one of many things to consider. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a sentiment shared by certain senators like John Kennedy who thinks 'idiot control' will solve the problem.

The Florida shooting may or may not have happened with stricter laws but they certainly would have made it less likely.
I agree with those points.

First on the AR-15 itself, I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why anybody would need a military grade weapon that is basically the same as the M4 on which soldiers are trained to fire in semi-auto mode. HUNTING? Regular hunters keep saying that the AR-15 offers little stopping power except for smaller animals, and that it only empowers sloppy, “spray and pray” hunters to waste ammunition. This ain't a video game, people. But as gamers would say among themselves: git gud or piss off. I never hunted in my lifetime, but I know I would use a bolt-action rifle if I do. HOME DEFENSE? It's not good to use in tight spaces, and you risk sending bullets through walls and into your neighbor's house. I read that from an article written by someone who is for the Second Amendment.

On the topic of mental health, things are going to shit in big part because of the lack of a more inclusive and accessible health care plan. Not that far from the US, right up in Canada, there are provincial legistlations that made sure that people can receive some mental health support for free at the very least. If the only thing clinicians prescribed to M. Cruz was pills, then it shows the kind of abject failure the Floridian health care system is. Governor Scott should be taking flak himself because his own local government does nothing to help its citizens. Health care is still mostly under state jurisdiction, no? So instead of criticizing the FBI, who accepted their part of the blame, he should ask why things also failed in his own backyard.

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