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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
The Colt AR-15 ...It is semi-automatic, which actually means that the mechanism will reload a new bullet into the chamber when you fire it, but you have to pull the trigger each and every time you want to fire it. This is not an automatic weapon. It cannot fire full auto, nor can it for in three round burst. It can only fire one bullet at a time, every time the trigger is pulled.

"For as little as $99, you can get a bump stock, a spring-loaded stock that, with one pull of the trigger, keeps the weapon firing using its own recoil. It can enable the weapon to fire at a rate of 600 rounds a minute or more."

... and the bump stock ban (which mas mentioned after the vegas massacre is DOA thanks to the NRA, as usual.

Before you say, "Hey, you need know about the bump stock to actually get one" I am not interested in modern firearms in the least, probably have played a total of two hours of first person shooters in my entire life. So with all the publicity they have got, you really need to live under a rock to not know hot to make a fully automatic out of this semis, so lets quit the pretense that "hey, this are not assault rifles" just because you need to get a cheap upgrade that is easily available.
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