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What's seen in the article below (which just came out two days ago) is probably one of the world's most expensive drunk-driving accidents ever. The infamous defendant of several embezzlement charges, Bo Stefan Eriksson, gained infamy for smashing up a $1 Milllion Enzo Ferrari due to drunk driving back in February along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.
You might be interested in this detailed story about that accident:

Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up

Directors of the game device company went on living large long after their handheld flopped. Then a high-speed Ferrari crash blew their world to bits.

THE BUMP IN THE ROAD that ended Bo Stefan Eriksson's fantastic ride is practically invisible. From 10 feet away, all you can see is the ragged edge of a tar-seamed crack in an otherwise smooth sheet of pavement. Only the location is impressive - a sweet stretch of straightaway on California's Pacific Coast Highway near El Pescador state beach, just past the eucalyptus-shaded mansions of the Malibu hills. On that patch of broken asphalt, there's barely enough lip to stub a toe. Of course, when you hit it at close to 200 miles per hour, as police say Eriksson did in the predawn light last February 21, while behind the wheel of a 660-horsepower Ferrari Enzo, consequences magnify.

(More at the link above...)
The story is six pages long, but it's quite interesting and good view into the l33t and wealthy Tech sector. On a related note, this guy was caught having sex with a dead dog in full view of a day care center.
A 44-year-old Saginaw man remains jailed today on charges of bestiality after he was seen engaged in sexual acts with a dead dog, Michigan State Police troopers said.

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