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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Seems like your wish has come true.

Spoiler for NSFW. Also, prepare mind bleach for those unaccustomed to these kind of things:
Oh, yes. Now i remember this. It was this image that made me want to do slashy things with the dolls.

The first time i saw that, this what came into my mind.

"Comrade Stalin! I missed you very much."

"Come into my strong arms Herr Hitler."
You may now puke.
Done? Good.

As an apology, here's something i found on Kotaku.

Do you know "Yaranaika"?(Of course you do. It's a famous meme.)

Well guess what? It's about to get a live-action movie. An adult movie.

And here is the definitely SFW cover of that movie.

It's SFW. Honest.
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