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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden
Just curious what kinds of fights that people prefer to see in Animes? Would it be Magic Battles? Mecha Fights? High energy duals (aka Naruto, DBZ, etc) Hand to hand combat? Swords? Gun Battles? Figher Duels? Battle Ship duals? Star Ship battles? Sports? (aka basketball, soccer, etc) or something entirely different that I haven't listed?

For me I'd have to say that Fighter Combat and Mecha have to rate tops of all the different kinds of fights out there. High energy duals would have to be second and hand to hand and swords tied for 3rd. What about you guys? What do you like for battle scenes in an anime?
Damn, think you mentioned enough types lol. MOstly I like hand to hand. But not just punch punch crap, mostly alot of blocking and counters. I like twist in fight and if someone can do something interesting the more better. like in naruto susake setting up kakashi when all three were trying to get the bells. Stuff like that gets me going, fast paced, upper hand keeps changing and not much pause or slow down except to maybe say fuck you. But even then no one ever says that.
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