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Hard to specify what I like in fight scenes, because almost all fight scenes grab my eyes. But, to give examples of some of my most loved:

Ninja Scroll: Jubei vs. Tessai
Ninja Scroll: Jubei vs. Utsutsu Mujuru
Ninja Scroll: Jubei vs. Himuro Gemma

Spriggan: Yu vs. Fat Man
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka in Eva 02 vs. Eva Series

Dragonball Z, Movie 12: Gokou vs. Janemba, final form

Street Fighter: Chun-Li vs. Vega

Of course these are just a few mainstream fight scenes, but the great thing about anime is there is so much out there. Personally, I think feudal Japan had the best wars and fights in history. And that armor!
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