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Originally Posted by silver_nin
I the first part of this post some one sayed that Chrno has a nickname "Slayer of 100 of his own kind" but aion sayed in the series hey killed over 10 billion of his own kind
Ahh... I finally found the one who started it .

silver_nin, where did you find Aion saying Chrno killed 10 billion of his own kind? PM me the time & episode. I would like to confirm if its a subber mistake or another gaffe of the anime crew (so that at least the proper faction can be blamed for the gaffe ). Hyaku (hundred) & Hyakuoku (10 billion) can be told apart...

Never mind, I found it. Episode 10, 00:03:07 start. Aion started reminiscing about their past. However it seems that .... both your fansub and the anime crew got it wrong!!! Aion says "Ichioku" which means "a hundred million". That is certainly not 10 billion but it is also not 100.

I find it ridiculous for them to exaggerate it thus. Imagine 6 demons (the anime also seems to portray only these 6 as Sinners) fighting the whole demon world gung-ho like ("Bring it on!" "Yeah") with one of them slaying a hundred million. Then they have to run away from the "Pursuers"?! 6 vs millions with heavy losses to the other side and they run...

Anyway the picture you posted definitely states "Slayer of a 100 kin"

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