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Originally Posted by dreamless
well, since they have to end the anime in 26 episodes, while the manga is still going without any hint of ending, I'd no longer call the anime a "manga adaptation". It's more appropriate to call the anime an original story development borrowing some settings from the manga. Basically they have only two choices, to end it half-way suddenly and incomplete, aka Spiral, or to make their own complete new story. Chrno Crusade is taking the latter route, which is fine by me. And I think the recent two episodes very enjoyable, unlike the previous slow-paced fillers, and judging from the preview, the next episode will RULE. I really want to see the Church and the demons fight side by side against Aion
Actually, if you are following the manga then you would know Chrno Crusade manga is likely to end soon. In fact most people expect it to end within five chapters.

The reason why I say the manga is ending soon is that:

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