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A few things in this ep I had a bit of trouble taking seriously, not least of which included the long emotional outpouring between Ran and Midori while Midori is hanging over the side of the building and the villain just stands there and watches them.
That seemed like it should have been a parody of this sort of show. I half-expected the villain to be doing her nails when it cut back to her. But, also... can't Midori fly? Or at least force-jump helluva far and presumably land without getting hurt?

I thought that scene would have been much funnier if Ran gave an entire monologue about friendship, with Midori staring at her as if she's an idiot, finally interjecting "Uh, Ran, I can fly, or at least jump helluva far. Could you let go already?"

At the end, Midori is giving that speech about how she could have ended up like the villain, too, if she hadn't met Ran. Um. They've been on friendly terms for all of three minutes at that point, and met, I think, one or two days ago? Midori was practically trying to kill Ran with telekenetically hurled pencils just a few days ago. I'm not sure she's exactly entitled to give the friendship speeches herself yet.

And I thought it was funny how Ran's brother warned her it was a trap, but didn't think to, I don't know, go with her or anything like that...
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