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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
Unless you have previous moba (ex. dota) or mmo pvp experience, then I'd just recommend normals for now. I personally started ranked when sub lvl 30s were still allowed (and I was one of them), and averaged around 1200 elo only because I played Tides of Blood before. So my advice is build up more experience with champs, and build up your rune pages until 300 or so normal wins, then try ranked. Ranked is simply too harsh and stressful, especially fresh 30s like yourself.

Then again, a friend who I helped start with who now has 700 normal wins still isn't that much better when he was a fresh 30. :shrug:
I still haven't touched ranked myself yet(nearing 700 wins), but you should definitely play normal drafts before ranked, so you get use to champion bans, pick orders, counter picks, knowing who counters a champ you play, and etc.

Though I've been starting to run into ranked players in sometimes normals since about april-may-ish...(bronze-gold ranking ones). So I'd like to think I've improved at least .
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